Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing allows printing to all material types

For example:
  • adhesive materials
  • papers
  • cardboards
  • plastics
  • aluminium
  • wood

Silk screen printing allows for printing on the surface of various finished products – view binders, plastic folders, motor vehicle number plates etc. Silk screen printing is widely used in printing on various packaging. Unlike the other printing technologies, silk screen printing allows to print on fully finalized package that may already contain the product.

When there is a need to make a larger quantity of identical adhesive stickers, then the silk screen printing technology is the most reasonable option. From the technological point of view, silk screen printing allows to produce both self adhesive and double sided adhesive stickers.

All the colors and dyes are available for printing and more importantly – it can be done also in white, silver, and gold.

Selection of products that we print on using silk screen printing:
  • business cards
  • parking clocks
  • window and door stickers
  • invitations
  • gift bags
  • view binders
  • plastic sheet protectors
  • Christmas and anniversary cards
  • Various packaging
  • Site markers for construction and security companies
  • Emergency exit light covers

We have also used silk screen printing on rulers, hotel room doors, tool racks, tabletop games, party tents, gilded metal plaques, door plaques, wine boxes, certificates, tickets and so on. Silk screen printing is a technology our company has continuously invested into. Our future plans are associated with the development of the silk screen printing.