Motor Vehicle Adhesive Stickers

Motor Vehicle Adhesive Stickers

With the stickers, it is possible to give an easily recognisable and distinctively unique appearance for your company vehicles. The adhesive stickers used on transportation vehicles will last for years or are meant for a single campaign. Exclusivity can be added using reflective adhesive materials that turns your vehicle truly attention grabbing.

Technologies used for making the motor vehicle adhesive stickers:

  • wide format printing
  • die cutting

Most of the adhesive stickers placed on motor vehicles are done utilising die cutting. Also printed photos and logos are machine cut prior to attaching. Prior to the die cutting, we laminate all the adhesive stickers meant for motor vehicles.

Motor vehicle adhesive sticker design – if you do not have your own vision or design, we can create one for upon request!

We shall definitely provide you expert advice on your options for choosing technologies for particular adhesive stickers.