flaieridIn the nowadays fast paced world, it is extremely important to be able to have the flyers printed almost instantly.

For example, you are going to an event and in the morning of the same day you discover suddenly you have forgotten to print the materials, there is no need to panic. While a couple of years ago it took several days to process flyers, at present we are able to produce the materials requires in just couple of hours.

Regularly, the flyers are printed to a silk or a gloss paper. The most common thickness of the paper used for flyers is 120-200 g.

Flyers produced by offset printing will be always coated with offset varnish, so the freshly printed flyers will not stain the hands.

We are printing flyers using:

  • digital printing – minimum quantity of 1 pcs
  • offset printing – minimum quantity of few thousands (depending on the format)

The flyers are created and processed:

  • in black and white or in colour
  • one sided or two sided
  • folded, if needed

Flyer formats – no standard formats.

Most widespread formats:

  • А4
  • А5
  • А6

Flyer design – if you do not have your own vision or design, we can create one for upon request! We can surely provide a suitable and appropriate style and idea for your company! Price of the flyer is subject to quantity and flyer type.