Film Cutting

Film Cutting

Motor vehicle adhesive stickers

With the stickers, it is possible to give an easily recognisable and distinctively unique appearance for your company vehicles. The adhesive stickers used on transportation vehicles will last for years or are meant for a single campaign. Exclusivity can be added using reflective adhesive materials that turns your vehicle truly attention grabbing.

Fair and exhibition stands and stalls

The design of an exhibition stall has to be clever, yet rational as a solution. Nowadays there are no limits in designing the exhibition stalls. Lots of print media, various roll-ups, stands and walls are used. We are convinced we are able to help you in producing a very special and unique exhibition stall. We shall most certainly find a suitable and appropriate style and idea for your company!

Display Windows

Adhesive stickers make a window display attention grabbing. Well thought out window display layout is able to combine informative text with tasteful design. Like silk screen printing, die cutting is also one of the oldest printing technologies

Display windows – adhesive sticker design: if you do not have your own vision or design, we can create one for upon request!

We are able to cut the printed (and also laminated) adhesive stickers afterwards with extreme precision. If the quantity is small and punching is not warranted, then die cutting technology is the most reasonable option to be applied.

For example, a logo for the door sign can be produced in just couple of minutes by utilizing die cutting.

Both large and extra small adhesive stickers, texts and logos an be produced this way. Most of the adhesive stickers found on motor vehicles are produced utilizing die cutting technology.

Labels and signs

As a rule the labels are printed on PVC, BIP or zinc coated tin. The thickness of the signs is 1 to 19 mm (special solutions available). The base sheets will be covered with adhesive stickers that have been prepared using photo printing or die cutting technology.

Price of labels and signs is subject to the choice of materials.