Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Digital printing is an efficient and fast printing solution.

In an essence, digital printing is a technology that is best characterised by adjectives flexible and functional, meaning the technology will preserve your nerves to the max and be customer friendly at the same time. We are able to print up to 70 A3 pages per minute.

It is possible to print both small and large batches and to use various materials, starting from plain paper to transparent and plain adhesive stickers and transparencies for overhead projectors.

The following products can be swiftly produced by digital printing:
  • business cards, certificates, forms, brochures
  • flyers, wobblers, booklets, leaflets, coupons, post cards, posters
  • calendars (pocket, tabletop and wall calendars)
  • inserts, tabs & dividers , DVD and CD covers and labels, insert booklets
  • badges, invitation cards, registration forms, questionnaires
  • information brochures, catalogues, yearbooks
  • newspapers, books, textbooks, instructions and guides, manuals
  • presentation materials on paper and on plastic
  • data sheets, direct mail
  • stickers, price sheers, price tags
  • customising

Business cards

Almost every second order we are processing at our printing machines is a batch of business cards.

Digitally printed business cards are suited for you if you wish to receive your business cards fast and at affordable price.


flaieridIn the nowadays fast paced world, it is extremely important to be able to have the flyers printed almost instantly.

For example, you are going to an event and in the morning of the same day you discover suddenly you have forgotten to print the materials, there is no need to panic. While a couple of years ago it took several days to process flyers, at present we are able to produce the materials requires in just couple of hours.



Among our customer base we are acknowledged as the providers of exclusive invitations due to the choice of materials, print technology options as well as the special solutions for the post processing.



Binding is a huge part of the post production of digital and offset printing. We are using all the most widespread binding styles.

The following binding options are available:
  • Comb binding (plastic or metal) – as a rule, the binding will have a plastic cover sheet and cardboard back. The colours and sizes of the spirals vary; most common options are silver, black, and white.
  • Adhesive binding – the sheets will be bound with the glue at the spine of the binding without stitches or wire.
  • Staple binding – best suited for the binding of thin newspapers, journals, brochures and other similar printed matter.
  • Folder binding – binding to view and non-view binders, plastic sheet protectors, report covers with fasteners. The binders are available in various shades and sizes.