Business Cards

Business Cards

Almost every second order we are processing at our printing machines is a batch of business cards.

We are printing business cards:

  • digital print – a batch of minimum of 50 pcs
  • silk screen print – a batch of minimum of 100-200 pcs
  • offset print – larger quantities

We are preparing and brushing up business cards:

  • In black and white
  • In colour
  • One sided
  • Two sided

Special processing of the business cards:

  • laminating
  • printing business cards as adhesive stickers
  • rounding the corners of the business cards

Digitally printed business cards are suited for you if you wish to receive your business cards fast and at affordable price.

Silk screen printed business cards are suited for you, if you wish to have exclusive and unique looking business cards. We can spice up the cards with silver, gold and lacquer that cannot be done in digital printing. We can even further customise your business cards by rounding the corners, laminating, punching holes and shapes into the material, using special formats that are not standardised. It is possible to print on various design papers that the digital print machines cannot process.

Offset printed business cards tend to require a rather large order quantity. It is also possible to order lacquered and laminated business cards.

Business cards have standard sizes (for example, with dimensions of 90x50mm, 85x54mm etc.), however, we are able to create customised sizes.

Business card layout – if you do now have a layout of your own, we are able to design a business card for you!