Adhesive stickers

Adhesive stickers

Printing option for adhesive stickers:

Silk screen printing

When there is a need to make a larger quantity of identical stickers, then the silk screen printing technology is the most reasonable option. The adhesive stickers made using silk screen printing are extremely durable. The print dye does not wear off or fade and is able to stand trying weather conditions. All dyes and colours are available for printing, including white, silver, and gold.

Die cutting

Like silk screen printing, die cutting is also one of the oldest printing technologies to be used in the printing of advertisements in modern day Estonia. We are able to cut the printed (and also laminated) adhesive stickers afterwards with extreme precision. If the quantity is small and punching is not warranted, then die cutting technology is the most reasonable option to be applied.

For example, a logo for the door sign can be produced in just couple of minutes by utilising die cutting. Both large and extra small adhesive stickers, texts and logos an be produced this way. Most of the adhesive stickers found on motor vehicles are produced utilising die cutting technology.

Wide format printing

Due to this continuously developing technology, it is possible to produce beautiful and attention-grabbing advertisements and other interesting stuff. Photoprint gives the designer lots of leeway, enabling to toy with different colours and design elements without a concern that something cannot be implemented due to technological considerations.

Sticker design – if you do not have your own vision or design, we can create one for upon request!

Price of the adhesive stickers is subject to quantity and choice of technology. We can assure to give you expert advice in choosing the most suitable technology for your particular adhesive stickers.